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Types of Industrial Cleaning Wipers

Know the types of fabrics used as cleaning wipers to help you choose the best out of those in Industries.

Types of Industrial Cleaning Wipers

Are you in a dilemma of not knowing which cleaning wiper fabric to choose for your industry?

We can help in providing you information on how to choose industrial rag wipers which suits your industry in the best possible way.

Let us first know the types of fabrics used as wipers to help you choose the best out of those.

Industrial Color Wipers

Industrial Color wiping cloth is perfect for Spills and Parts and tool cleaning. These types of wiping clothes are inexpensive colored rags specifically suitable to clean various types of greases, industrial lubricants, oils, solvents and cleaners.

Industrial White Wipers

Industrial white is perfect to use for spills, parts & tool cleaning and also for personal wiping. It’s suitable to soak up lot of different industrial chemicals and lubricants.

Super Color Mix Wipers

Super color mix is nothing but an all purpose wiping cloth. It can be used in cleaning spills, parts and cleaning tools and for personal wiping as well. It is a great mix of dependable rags. Roughly it includes 50% colored knit combined with industrial color and some other type.

Colored Table Linens Wipers

Colored Table Linens are perfect for cleaning heavy grease and for personal wiping. It can also be used as an alternate for cleaning towel at shops. These types of rag wipers come from industrial laundries that specialize in supplying to restaurants. They are uniform in size and are either cut pieces from tablecloths or napkins.

Colored Knit Wipers

Colored knit is a multipurpose wiping cloth. It is majorly used as a wiper in industrial applications. It is absorbent, soft and good for just about any application. It is mainly cut pieces of t-shirts and other knit apparel.

Colored Sweatshirt Wipers

Colored Sweatshirt is preferred to clean chemical and oil spills. These are two-sided terry towels which are perfect for cleanup. These new multipurpose and uniform in size 100% cotton reusable towels are extremely absorbent.

Colored Flannel Wipers

This Colored Flannel is perfect for cleaning light oils.  Also they can be used in personal wiping and for general use. These wipers are cut from cotton shirts and pajamas.

Sheeting Wipers

White Sheeting Wipers are very appropriate for dusting and polishing, for surface preparation and for cleaning light oils. These are recycled from hospitals, motels and hotels. These sheeting wipers have been cleaned and sanitized and can be cut into uniformly sized sheets.

White Flannel Wipers

This can be used in general cleaning and for personal wiping too. White Flannel is loosely woven cotton blanket used in hospitals. It is super absorbent and super soft material of cloth. It can said to be an all rounder white wiper.

Colored Thermal Blankets Wipers

Colored thermal blankets come from recycled cotton colored blankets. They are perfect to clean up heavy spills and can be used for maintenance wiping. As they are bulky and thick they can be perfectly used to absorb large quantities of liquid.

Spill Wipes

As the name itself suggests, these kinds of wipers are perfect to clean up spill and are good for maintenance wiping too. These wipers are known by various names such as Economy Turkish, Shoddy or Wipettes. Spill wipes are nothing but used terry bar towels which are perfect for absorbing at an economical price.

Spill pads

Spill pads are very ideal for cleaning up heavy spills. It is also known by the name of Convalescent pads. These mattress pads are cost-effective alternate to fit your specific application.

Hospital Gown Wipers

Hospital gowns can be used for cleaning light oil, spills and parts and tool cleaning. It can be used for personal cleaning too. It is light in weight, soft and cotton cloth. It can be cut into large pieces and is very absorbent.

Industry wise bifurcation

Automobile sector:

White Fleece Printed T-shirt, Color T-shirts, Sweatshirts, White Sweatshirts

Fabrication and casting industry:

White T-shirts, White Printed T-shirts, White Fleece Printed T-shirts, Heavy cotton fabric, Mix cotton wipers, Light cotton wipers, Rayon

Paint & Printing Industry:

White T-shirts, White Printed T-shirts, White Sweatshirts, White Light Cotton, White Heavy cotton

Furniture industry:

White T-shirts, White Printed T-shirts, White Fleece Printed T-shirts, Heavy cotton wipers, Mix cotton wipers, Light cotton wipers, White Heavy cotton, Rayon

Machineries & Chemical Industry:

White Fleece Printed T-shirts, Color T-shirts, Heavy cotton, Mix cotton, Light cotton wipers, Denim light, Jean  dangri, Corduroy, Sweatshirts, White Sweatshirts, White Light Cotton, Rayon

Foundry Industry:

White T-shirts, Color T-shirts, Denim light, Jeans dangri, Sweatshirts, White Sweatshirts

Engineering Industries:

Color T-shirts, Towel, White Sweatshirts

Shops & Showrooms:

Color T-shirts, Towels

Steel & Sheet Metal Industry:

Denim light, Corduroy

Pharmaceutical Industry:

White Light Cotton

General purpose:

White Printed T-shirts, color T-shirts, Towel


With nearly 15 different types of fabric, understands that most of the industries have different variety of cleaning and wiping needs, and we pride ourselves in our ability and knowledge to offer you a product and solution for your every type of requirement.

We at are committed to help you in managing your wiper and absorbent needs in a better way, allowing your facility to prosper in a cleaner, greener and in more affordable way.


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