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How to choose Low cost industrial cloth wipers?

Looking for cheapest and best wiping cloth? If so, this is the right place to gain knowledge on how to choose best and low-cost cleaning wiper.

How to choose Low cost industrial cloth wipers?

Do you have a spill or mess to clean up? 

Looking for cheapest and best wiping cloth?

If so, this is the right place to gain knowledge on how to choose best and low-cost cleaning wiper.

To choose from two different variations of wiper – the new cleaning cloth and the recycled cleaning cloth, let us find out which one suits your criteria the best.

New v/s Recycled

Although it might appear that using new cloth is any day a good choice to use for wiping or cleaning the mess, but there are a number of advantages of using recycled wipers. Using recycled wipers contain advantages not only for you and your business but is also beneficial for the preservation of the earth’s valuable resources. The recycled wipers use less water and generate less waste than compared to the new wipers. And many recycled wipers can be used more than once, thus increasing water conservation and further reducing waste products. 


For a cost-effective cleaning solution the recycled wipers are the perfect choice. New cloth cleaning wipers cost more than the recycled one because of the expenses involved in using the raw materials. On the other hand, Recycled clothing as is made from the used clothes is a very budget friendly way of cleaning, making it more affordable.

Environmental Impacts

New wiping clothes wipers are not only money wise expensive but are environmentally expensive too. Recycled wipers made from the used cloth materials have a lower overall environmental impact when compared to the new cloth wipers, due primarily to the re-use of the materials that would have generally been discarded.

Benefits of using Recycled Wipers

If you are looking for an all-round cleaning cloth, that manages to clean spills or can manage heavy polishing, or something more delicate for careful cleaning Recycled wipers can meet your needs. They are safer for environment and equipments too.

If you are looking for cleaning cloth variants that are recycled wipers and are perfect for every type of cleaning and available at low-cost without compromising on quality then we can absolutely meet your needs. manufactures and sells directly, offering best quality rag wipers at cheapest price. 

Recycled Clothes’ Material 

The different types of material used to make recycled wipers are – T-shirt, Sweatshirts, Towel, Flannel and Cotton. All our recycled rag wipers are metal free, absorbent and sanitized. We ensure high and consistent quality.

Ideal for

T-shirt Wipers

Ideal for cleaning & polishing machines and equipment or any surfaces. Used in auto industries, paint jobs, general mechanic jobs, machines, equipment and for general cleaning purpose.

Towel Wipers

Ideal for Wet Cleaning, Washing, Oil or grease surface, General Maintenance, hot surface cleaning, Cleaning irregular surface, Polishing, Roofing and other cleaning purposes

Flannel Wipers

Ideal for Oil, Grease, Mechanic Work, General Maintenance and cleaning

Cotton Wipers

Ideal for cleaning home and office appliances, furniture, polishing, paint, automobile, manufacturing, screening thinner or other liquids etc. are able to deliver cleaning wipers that are high in quality and cheapest in price as we ourselves are the manufacturers.

Thus, we help our customers choose products that are best in quality, lowest price in the market and environment friendly - letting them on the right tracks for their green procurement targets as well. 

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