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About Us

Wiper products

We are one of the largest manufacturers of industrial rag wiper. When used clothing reaches its end of life we convert them in to wiping cloths. We are fastest growing company in our industry and our primary focus is on strict and consistent quality standards.

Most of companies selling wipers online are traders and thus they cannot ensure consistent high quality. We, on the other hand, are able to deliver high consistent quality wiper because we ourselves manufacture the wiping cloth. Being a manufacturer we are able to produce higher quality wipers and can offer at price which is far below the wiper sold by our competitor.

Almost all, wiping cloth sold online is not metal detected and it is not sanitized. Metal in wiping cloth can scratch the surface which is being cleaned and it may lead to fire if used on moving machine parts. Bacteria and viruses in non-sanitized wiper pose serious health hazard. All our rag wipersare metal free (using metal detection machine), completely sanitised and fumigated.

Manufacturer of  Wiper Products

We cater to the different sections of end users with our variety of wipers cut from different types of used garments and fabrics. Our customers vary from the individuals who need wiping cloths to simply clean their cars or household stuffs to the industries that use wiping cloths to clean and maintain their heavy machineries. We have wipers for all the different uses.

Our product range includes T-Shirt Knit, Sweatshirt, Flannel and Towel Wipers of different colors cut and packed into attractive and ergonomic retail packing.

We sell over 30 different types of wipers, each of which is suitable for a particular application. Kindly feel free to call us at +1-346-213-4660 or email us at, let us know about your industry and cleaning application, and we will help you choose the most appropriate type of rag wiper. We don’t charge anything extra to analyse your requirement and to help you choose the correct wiper type..

We thank earthians for your support!